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Giving Back Takes Center Stage

Hannah Lewis is grateful for her world-class opportunities through Earlham, including traveling abroad. She says she could not be at Earlham without scholarships and other support.

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Summer Cushman

Summer Cushman graduated from ESR in 2010 with a spirituality emphasis. She was led to attend seminary by her own spiritual seeking rather than from a concrete vocational aspiration. While at ESR, Summer says faculty patiently nurtured her and gave her space to work through her own process. Through her supervised ministry, she gained experience designing and facilitating retreats and other group activities.

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Angelo Giannitelli

Angelo Giannitelli found his way to ESR during the Vietnam war era. He graduated from college with a degree in chemistry and was searching for seminaries in Canada. However, those seminaries required that he agree with their doctrines. He was working for a Quaker professor who suggested that he check out ESR, a start-up Quaker seminary in Richmond, Indiana.

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Brown Mujete

When Brown Mujete was wanting to continue his education, he sought a place that would accept him. Mujete is both a recorded Quaker minister and an Anglican priest and he wanted to continue practicing both faith traditions and not be forced to pick one. At ESR, Mujete has been free to explore, think, pray and find balance in the ways that work best for him.

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Anthony Kirk

Anthony Kirk says he knew ESR was the right seminary for him when he shared his desire to hold a worship service on the Transgender Day of Remembrance. He wanted to honor and remember those who have lost their lives due to hatred and prejudice against transgender people. Members of the ESR community immediately volunteered to help plan the service, prepare the altar, offer music, and read names.

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