Angelo Giannitelli

Angelo GiannitelliAngelo Giannitelli found his way to ESR during the Vietnam war era. He graduated from college with a degree in chemistry and was searching for seminaries in Canada. However, those seminaries required that he agree with their doctrines. He was working for a Quaker professor who suggested that he check out ESR, a start-up Quaker seminary in Richmond, Indiana.

Giannitelli followed this serendipitous leading and found ESR to be a place where he not only did not have to profess a creed but also a place where he was free to explore and discover his own belief system. During his time at ESR, he deepened his spirituality and made lifelong connections with professors and students. For example, Hebrew Bible Professor Nancy Bowen (recently retired)found the Sunday School bible study class Giannitelli leads at a local Methodist church. They became good friends with Professor Bowen frequently leading studies.

After graduating from ESR with a concentration in Pastoral Care and Counseling, he earned a MA in Counseling Psychology and a D. Min in Marriage and Family Therapy. He has maintained a private practice as a Marriage and Family Therapist in Richmond, IN from 1977 to the present.

Giannitelli is currently semi-retired and exploring a new way of experiencing the world as a visual artist.