Brown Mujete

When Brown Mujete was wanting to continue his education, he sought a place that would accept him. Mujete is both a recorded Quaker minister and an Anglican priest and he wanted to continue practicing both faith traditions and not be forced to pick one. At ESR, Mujete has been free to explore, think, pray and find balance in the ways that work best for him.

As an example of how ESR shapes students, Mujete tells a story of a difficult conversation within a classroom setting. He was impressed by how the students who had been at ESR for a few semesters were able to hold space for the conflict and talk through the point of contention. Mujete also notes that the professor remained calm and open to discussing differing viewpoints. In this way, Brown says, the classroom was a place for deep learning and transformation.

Mujete says, “ESR is like a hidden jewel. It is hard to know its value until you are here taking classes and being in the environment. ESR is more than a seminary—it is like a family. If you show up as you are, you will be accepted here.”