Giving Back Takes Center Stage

Hannah Lewis

Hannah Lewis is grateful for her world-class opportunities through Earlham, including traveling abroad. She says she could not be at Earlham without scholarships and other support.

Hannah Lewis '20 helps improve Earlham for future generations by recording its history.

Hannah, a history major with a psychology minor, has worked in the Earlham College Archives for four years. She's also part of the Earlham Historical Journal, where she helps edit undergraduate student papers to produce a journal of historical significance.

Hannah loves Earlham because "there are so many different types of people who all have so many amazing opinions and ideas."

When she finishes her bachelor's degree, she plans to complete the EarlhamMaster of Arts in Teaching program to further prepare her for a career teaching high school history.

"I have always loved history," says Hannah, of Beavercreek, Ohio. "I've had amazing history teachers since seventh grade. You have to have a good teacher to like history. I want to be one of those good history teachers who can really help reveal what happened and get people interested in history."

During her sophomore and junior years at Earlham, Hannah received the Comer-Truax Scholarship. This scholarship was established in 2003 with a bequest from Lewis Truax, in memory of his sister-in-law, Ruth Comer. Lewis passed away on November 18, 2001.

"I definitely could not be at Earlham without financial aid and help from everybody who gives money to Earlham," Hannah says. "We really need support from older generations to help produce so many academic stars. We're such an amazing institution, and it's not without the help of older generations donating to the school."

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