Honoring Loved Ones While Supporting a Cause

Richard and Ann Wooley Kendall

Richard ’52 and Ann Woolley ’51 Kendall

When asked why they give, Joe and Sylvia Kendall ’61 Salanitro recall a sermon that included a quote from Alexander Papaderos, a hero of the Nazi resistance in Crete. Papaderos said, “I came to understand that I am not the source of light, but that light, truth, understanding and knowledge will only shine in many places if I reflect it. This is the meaning of my life.”

The Salanitros, who are longtime supporters of Earlham College and the Earlham School of Religion, feel a deep connection to Papaderos’ words.

“For us, this quote expresses eloquently why we think it is important to give to the College and ESR. Perhaps our efforts will influence other people also to donate to these exceptional institutions,” Sylvia says, and Joe agrees.

Those efforts include the couple’s recent establishment of an endowed scholarship that supports African American students attending Earlham College. The scholarship honors Sylvia’s deceased brother and sister-in-law, Richard Kendall ’52 and Ann Woolley Kendall ’51, who were both deeply committed to the College and ESR. The Kendalls were birthright members of the Religious Society of Friends and actively participated in many Quaker organizations. Both served on Earlham’s Board of Trustees and various advisory boards of the College. In addition, Rick served on the board of what was called at the time Friends Educational Fund for Negroes. This was a scholarship fund established by First Friends Church in Indianapolis to support African American students’ access to a college education.

“We hope that our help in this small way may be an example for other people to set up similar scholarships because Quakers have always been supporters of equity in education,” Sylvia says.

Like the Salanitros, you can honor your loved ones while supporting the mission of Earlham. Contact Gail Connerley at 765-983-1439 or gailc@earlham.edu to learn about your giving options.