Giving Back Takes Center Stage

Lorri Jean and Gina Calvelli

Lorri Jean, left, and Gina Calvelli have included Earlhamin their estate plan.

When Gina Calvelli first stepped onto Earlham's campus in the early 1970s, she immediately fell in love. She could feel the energy and enthusiasm for developing well-rounded students and knew this was the college for her.

"Earlham truly is a place to find out who you are and how to be a good person," Gina says.

Gina's self-discovery journey at Earlham led her to pursue a theater major—even though the College didn't have a formalized curriculum for it. By collaborating with her professors, Gina created a learning track that included an off-campus internship at the Metropolitan Opera in New York City.

Now an attorney for the California Court of Appeal, Gina credits Earlham with giving her a broad view of the world that has served her well in post-graduate life.

"I work on cases from all different areas of law, and I'm very comfortable with that because of the learning experiences I had at Earlham," Gina says.

As Gina and her wife, Lorri Jean, the CEO of the Los Angeles LGBT Center, were putting together their estate plan, giving back to Earlham was a no-brainer.

"Both Lorri and I feel very strongly about philanthropy and the importance of giving," Gina says.

From early on in their relationship, it was always the couple's intention to make a gift to Earlham. Lorri saw the College's positive influence on Gina and was eager to support its future.

"This is a college that does a terrific job of providing an incredible education to a diverse student body," Gina says. "Gifts like ours will help the College continue to do that."

You Can Open Doors of Opportunity

When you include a gift to Earlham in your will or other estate plan, you help future students pursue their dreams. Contact Gail Connerley at 765-983-1439 or to create a charitable plan that meets your goals.